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Touring the region

HarbourHerons Rise Vineyard is a relaxing 30 minute drive south of Hobart and is ideally suited for exploring Southern Tasmania. The area is a kaleidoscope of sea vistas, rushing rivers, forested hillsides and fertile valleys. It is a blend of waterways and wilderness with wonderful views, a sense of history and the promise of an unforgettable experience.

Bruny IslandTake a 15 minute car ferry crossing from Kettering to Bruny Island – a place of stunning white sandy beaches, beautiful views and a history which includes visits by Bligh and Cook, and Aboriginal habitation stretching back thousands of years.


Hartz MountainsGoing west to the Huon Valley, you will find acres of orchard and soft fruits, and the Huon River. Nearby is the Forest and Heritage Centre in Geeveston, which showcases Tasmanian timbers.

The Hartz National Park is then only a short drive, with the opportunity for a range of short or extended walks.

CaveFurther south from the Huon Valley is the fishing port of Dover, and then Hastings Caves and thermal pool for a warm and relaxing dip.

At the ‘end of the road’ is Cockle Creek, which is as far south as you can drive in Australia.


KayakingThe area is dotted with little treasures, forest walks and beach exploration, wines to taste and food to savour, artists and artisans with local craftwork, kayaks to paddle, sails to set, jet boats for thrills and if you time your visit well, local festivals. And then at the end of the day, ‘home’ to a crackling log fire, a glass of Pinot, your favourite CD, TV show or DVD. The rest is up to you!


Local Activities

Bruny Island Charters: brunycharters.com.au
Roaring Forties Kayaking - Kettering: roaringforties.com.au
Inverawe Gardens - Margate: inverawe.com.au
Woodbridge Hill Handweaving Studio and Gardens - clearnetworks/~handweaving/
Grandvewe Cheeses - Birchs Bay: grandvewe.com.au

Natural attractions:-
Snug Falls - Snug
Coningham Beach - Coningham
D'Entrecasteaux Waterway

Mermaid Cafe and Bruny D'Entrecasteaux Visitor Centre - Kettering mermaidcafe.com.au
Fleurtys Cafe - Birchs Bay: fleurtys.com.au
Oyster Cove Inn - Kettering: oystercoveinn.com.au
Peppermint Bay - Woodbridge: peppermintbay.com.au

There are also many other attractive restaurants in Kingston or at Kingston Beach.

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